Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for budding artist only?
Nope! It is for everyone! Even if you don't think you have "artistic" ability we welcome you to join us at BirthArtCafe! You don't need to have any art experience, ability, or talent...just a willingness to explore your ideas, thoughts, and feelings through a creative process.

Is this for pregnant women only?
Nope! It is for everyone! If you are a mother, thinking of becoming a mother, work with mothers, or a significant other of a mother, we encourage you to join us at BirthArtCafe! The topics explored will be pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and womanhood.

Who facilitates the gatherings?
BirthArtCafe is facilitated by Sarah Johnson. She has completed Introductory Mentor Training and a Teaching with Birth Art course through Birthing From Within.

Why Art?
Art provides a pathway to unique self-discovery. BirthArtCafe is an opportunity to "Discover your creative power. There are depths in you that you cannot imagine, mysteries to unfold, feelings and perceptions to be revealed" (Questions to Awaken Your Creative Power to the Fullest, 2009). For many of us, the daily demands of our modern world require us to operate in our left brain a majority of the time. When we are in left brain we are organized, scheduled, logical, verbal, and sequential. Art on the other hand allows us to engage the right brain. When we operate in the right brain we are intuitive, emotional, visual, holistic, fluid, and spontaneous. BirthArtCafe is a 'pause button' on our busy, hectic lives that keep us anchored in the left brain. It is an opportunity to take several deep meditative cleansing breathes and fully engage our right brain to explore the wisdom and knowledge that exists within us.

What is the connection between birth and art?
When a woman is in labor, she is operating in her right brain. She is primitive, uninhibited, free, raw, reflexive, wild, loud, and naked both physically and emotionally. She is her true self. Ironically most women attempt to prepare themselves for giving birth by stimulating their left brain. They will read books, attend highly structured birth education classes, or talk with other women who have given birth. Valuable information is missed if we only perceive birth in our left brains. BirthArtCafe is a refreshingly unique way to understand birth by engaging the same pathways utilized during labor.

Can I bring my child(ren)?
Due to the presence of art materials and the intense, focused nature of the gathering, we ask BirthArtCafe remain an adult-only space. The ability to become absorbed in your work and experience creative flow is an important part of the discovery process. The environment plays a crucial role in this process. We want to provide attendees a supportive and intimate space to create that is free of background noise, curious hands, and interruptions. Of course small nurslings/pre-mobile baby are welcome. Please feel free to contact Sarah Johnson if you have any questions.

Why is a donation requested?
BirthArtCafe is a non-profitable endeavor. Donations are used to cover on-going associated costs of consumable materials such as pastels, paints, papers, and refreshments.

I'm still nervous about attending; the thought of creating art in public scares me!
Does it help to know that the facilitator, Sarah Johnson, is not an "artist" as far as the traditional definition of the word? She is simply a mom who found this process of creating birth art to be deeply meaningful during her pregnancies and wants to share it with other women! BirthArtCafe focuses on the discovery that takes place during the creative process. Our purpose is not about creating artwork to be displayed, but to deepen our understanding of ourselves.

BirthArtCafe is a space free of judgement
and full of acceptance and love for who you are!

Have a question that is not answered here? Please don't hesitate to contact Sarah Johnson.